Two feet is a lizard-like monster who appears in New York. Two feet's origins are unknown, but its sources are believed to be an urban legend. (No one knows if Urban Legends are true.) Two feet is known for attacking children from 1 foot to 4 feet 6 inches. He attacks by jumping out of manholes and kidnapping a child from any New York street, later devouring the flesh in seconds, and leaving the bones behind in the sewer for the Sewer Crocodiles to eat.

To EncounterEdit

To encounter two feet, DO NOT BRING A CHILD AS BAIT. Simply bring any kind of beef, or pork and wait (in the sewer) for something to come. Most times, rats may come, but if you wait patiently, a giant lizard over 8 feet tall, will appear and devour the meat. If you don't have a gun or anything ready, run away now. If he notices, he is sure to run after you at an amazing speed. However if you do have a gun, shoot him now, because his weakness is a gunshot into one of the legs. If you shoot him in the legs, he is sure to flee, if you shoot him in the chest, you have a 50-50 chance of him fleeing. If you shoot him in the head, he will attack you ; he has a hard covering around his head that provides a protection from bullets.


Two feet was most likely a normal lizard, ( unknown but most likely a gecko ) that wandered into the sewer. He eventually wandered into a part of the sewer, where radioactive garbage was thrown away. Two feet slept there for many days, until he deformed into a huge lizard, who was now carnivourous.


"It was so big, I thought it was a dinosaur! To be exact I thought it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex!" Chad Grayson (age 8)

"I almost got eaten by that thing. I barely survived. That is just pure terror." Don Hightower (age 29)

"If I hadn't warned my mother, she wouldn't have made it." William Farmer (age 31)

"What the hell was that? Was that a dinosaur? " Ronald Lee (age 26)

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